What is the purpose of a watch winder?

If you own a self-winding, also known as automatic watch, a watch winder makes it easy for you to keep your watch wound and keeping accurate time. Generally, when you do not wear your watch for more than two days, you have to set the date, time, and perhaps even other functions. A winder enables you to just wear your watch without making any adjustments. 


Does a watch winder work for any type of watch?

A watch winder works for watches like Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer with self-winding mechanism. Kinetic watch like certain models of Citizen and Seiko will not work with a winder as they have a hybrid self-winding and quartz mechanism. A watch with a hand winding mechanism, also commonly known as manual winding, cannot take advantage of the winder. It must be wound daily to keep it operational. Finally, a battery operated watch, or a solar watch, does not require a winder.


What is the correct setting for my watch?

Every self-winding watch has its own unique setting. 

Essentially, there are two settings required for a watch to be wound correctly – TPD and Direction

TPD stands for Turn-Per-Day. TPD essentially simulates the daily turns or movement of your wrist, which is required to keep the watch wound fully and the time accurate. If the watch is not wound, it runs slower and is less accurate. For example, if you own a Rolex Submariner, the self-winding movement inside your watch requires 650 turns-per-day (TPD).

The second setting is the direction of winding. Some watches require clockwise, others require anti-clockwise, and the rest require bi-directional winding. Continuing our example above, your Rolex watch with the 650TPD requires a bi-directional setting. It is again simulating the turns of your wrist in both directions.


Do I have to do anything before placing the watch inside the winder?

In order to maintain accurate time, date, and other functions of the watch, it is best to ensure you fully wind the watch, set the current time and date, and then place your watch inside the winder. This way your watch will keep accurate time when you are ready to wear it next time.


Is it okay to leave my watch for an extended period of time in the winder?

Yes, it is recommended to leave your self-winding watch in the winder when you are not wearing it. Leaving your watch for extended period of time in winder, at the correct setting, will not harm your watch. Automatic watches have a slipping clutch device which prevents them from being overwound.


I have lost my instruction manual. Where can I read the instructions?

Please visit the Instructional Manuals section on our website and select your winder model for specific instructions.


I have lost the power adapter or my power adapter no longer works.

Please visit the Instructional Manuals section on our website and select your winder model for exact adapter specification. You may also purchase a replacement adapter by emailing info@timeatelier.com


I have an oversized watch. Will this winder work for my watch?

Yes, TPR winder can easily accommodate oversized watches upto 55mm on the provided memory foam watch cushion.


If I have an additional question, not covered in the FAQ section, who do I contact?

Please email your specific question or comment to info@timeatelier.com. We at TPR take pride in our customer service and we will respond to you within 24 hours.